Igneo Colombia SAS

IgNeo Colombia, a sustainable concrete design company where we manufacture products for urban and architectural furniture, where we take advantage of Construction Waste or popular rubble. According to the Ministry of Housing, Colombia produces more than 25 million tons of rubble per year, we have national utilization goals of 40%, but the truth is that we do not recover even 1%. As entrepreneurs in the city of Barranquilla, we were concerned about how the construction industry has been growing rapidly and this is the main generator of this waste, which is an environmental problem in cities. We started in 2016, we divided ourselves into two fronts: one the research and formulation of concrete mixtures with these residues, and two the design of a portfolio of products where they would be used, thus we launched ourselves on the market in 2018. We replaced the sand and stone by rubble in our mixtures, avoiding the exploitation of natural resources, and we transform them into final products with Design, hence we are the first company in the Caribbean Region of circular economy dedicated to the reuse of Rubble for the development of functional products with the added value of Design. Our Solutions have high resistance to weathering, and low maintenance cost, especially in coastal areas like ours where it is attacked by corrosion and humidity. Applied in products for urban planning, decoration and architectural finishes in which the following stand out: benches, tables, planters, walls, sinks, floors, walls, lattices, among others, for use in public, commercial and residential spaces.

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