Since 2004, at the company Investigación en Psicología del Consumidor Inpsicon Ltda. ( we have been working on the challenge of bringing RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION closer to FAIR TRADE, through the I + D + i work methodology (Research, Development and innovation ). We investigate and intervene to benefit and promote greater equity and justice in relations between consumers, producers and marketers. When contemplating the fruits of the Atlantic land, its differential value becomes evident. With the idea of ​​achieving more direct communication and marketing among those involved, “La Propia Canasta” emerged, a commercial strategy that seeks to deliver 100% local products of excellent quality to the final consumer, connecting them with the peasant. The client acquires a membership through the Virtual Platform, so that a basket with fruits, vegetables, tubers and food prepared with agricultural products from these three municipalities of the Department of Atlántico arrives directly to his home. One of the differential attributes of the initiative is the story to tell behind each crop and harvest of mango, cob bun, yucca, lemon, guava, green banana, and more. With “La Propia Canasta”, the registered consumer will support agriculture, local economy and the work of the palmarinos, tomasinos and sabanagranderos peasants, promoting the social and economic transformation of the Colombian countryside and sustainability of food chains.






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