This undertaking was born after formulating the question of what happens to different residues which are of great daily use? After this we can observe that cooking oil is one of the biggest contaminants of water sources due to its content. in organic matter. When the oil is poured into the drain, it goes directly to these places, causing a reduction in the oxygenation of the water that puts marine species at risk.

One liter of oil pollutes 1000 liters of water.

The discarded oil creates a layer that remains above the water in the ocean, this does not allow the correct oxygenation of the marine flora and fauna. In addition, it clogs the sewage system and makes water treatment more expensive.

For this, the MOLY GREEN SOAP project was born with the aim of preventing and reducing the contamination of domestic wastewater, promoting the use of used vegetable oil (avu) as a raw material in the production of ecological soap.

Since this soap is based on used cooking oil, it is subjected to a change process through a series of steps, for which the end of this operation is a soap for personal use such as bath or toilet soap. , cleaning, or for different uses in which to do daily domestic tasks; But the best thing about this is that said project contributes to the reuse of cooking oil, which in the end ends up contaminating bodies of water and unfortunately promotes much more the destruction of the environment.


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