Primed Community

Primed Community is an organisation that since 2006 has been working in education and personal development processes, through language learning and the generation of socio-cultural experiences. We promote community tourism, volunteering with social impact and the empowerment of people, enterprises and communities in vulnerable situations as strategies for social inclusion and the reduction of inequality.

As a learning community we have the following projects:

Community English classes with a focus on life skills and community tourism, with face-to-face classes and an online learning platform.

Bilingual cultural immersion experiences through tours with local guides and social organisations in the city of Medellín, dance classes, discussions and community activities.

Promotion of volunteering: corporate volunteering and volunteer management for social organisations.

English/Spanish classes (face-to-face and virtual) for individuals, companies and entrepreneurs with innovative and immersive methodologies.

We are committed to the generation of learning communities, confident that people do not lack skills but opportunities and we want to generate them.



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