Youth unemployment is one of the most pressing issues and obstacles to sustainable economic development in Latin America. In Colombia, the unemployment rate rose more than ten points from July to August 2020 reaching 19.8%, according to government figures.
Despite this challenge, there are opportunities. There is a promising albeit scattered market landscape of organizations and initiatives that are working to better train youth and provide access to high-quality employment opportunities.

At ProTalento, we accelerate tech and digital careers by curating bootcamps, giving flexible loans to students and then matching them with job opportunities. We recruit, train and offer pedagogical support, mentorship and follow up, including matching youth with job opportunities in the tech world. It includes:

– Recruitment linked to market needs and to youth with exceptional talents, but scarce access to opportunities.

– Training in 21st Century Abilities, with emphasis on employment, ICT, socioemotional competences and English.

– Mentorship with successful professionals from different backgrounds to bring opportunities closer and strengthen social capital.

We are a bridge between potential candidates for companies in the tech world and ideal candidates


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