Tierra Grata

Its purpose is to quickly and inexpensively solve the lack of basic services in vulnerable communities, mostly distant from urban centres. Its development alternatives improve the quality of life and are applied on three fronts: energy, water and sanitation. In the first area, it has domestic and community systems, consisting of solar energy installation kits, with components such as solar panels, light bulbs and batteries, as well as portable lamps powered by solar energy. In water, it has drip filters of up to 40 litres per day, and in sanitation, it offers a dry toilet, that is, it does not require water, for communities that do not have access to aqueducts and sewers. This seeks to avoid contamination of the environment with human waste. Tierra Grata, offers solutions that at first glance may be seen as temporary but are actually definitive since in these areas there are no traditional solutions such as aqueducts, general electrification system or treatment plants.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/TMY6KyuhhFM

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