We present the Social Entrepreneurship project “WORSHIPPERS KIDS FOUNDATION”. With the purpose of giving it a universal character, it has been named in the English language, which translated into Spanish would read “Fundación Niños Adoradores” and with it we define the formation of human beings grateful to their own life, family and society, thus contributing to the construction and strengthening of the social fabric.

We are an in-person and/or online artistic training center with the purpose of social transformation of children and young people towards the appropriation of ethical principles, citizen and cultural values; we encourage creativity and recognition of folkloric roots, inviting them to exercise their freedom to be and be in harmony with themselves and with others, through a psychosocial accompaniment during the teaching-learning process that uses playful-pedagogical strategies to perform musical instruments, music therapy and musical initiation from 3 years of age, choral initiation, reading-writing of scores and vocal technique.

Contact: emirandas@mail.uniatlantico.edu.co

Instagram: Worshippers Kids Foundation Instagram

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