Asoturimazar is an organization formed by 12 members, which is located in the parish of Palmas, canton Sevilla de Oro. For 3 years, the association has developed rural tourism along the Mazar reservoir and its surroundings, having as main activity, boat tours, either downstream, spotting the communities of Chalacay, Toban, Loro Pico and Mazar Dam; or upstream to the Union sector, Paute River, Collay River and Guachapala canton, offering visitors a unique experience in the country, thanks to the beautiful scenery, variety of flora and fauna, and hospitality of the inhabitants belonging to this sector.

In a second stage, kayak rentals have been included with capacity for 1 and 2 people respectively, adaptation of the access to the boat area, and the installation of restrooms for tourists. This project is sustainable due to the generation of opportunities and dynamization of the economy for the benefit of the association and inhabitants of the canton Sevilla de Oro, taking tourism as the axis of local development.



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