Did you know that, every single week, each one of us will consume 5 grams of microplastics? These microplastics comes from different sources and one of them is from styrofoam packaging. A single plastic used to protect electronics, home appliances, furniture, auto parts and more. It takes 500 years de degrade and the process it contaminates water and soil and affects marine and terrestiral species. Finally, affecting human health. In BIOfábrik we have developed a solution by recycling agro-industrial waste and combining it with and structural component from fungi called mycelium to produce a biomaterial that replaces styrofoam completly. Our biomaterial is compostable, biodegradable in less than 6 months and fire retardant. We have had a very good traction in 2020 and we are delivering 3 prototypes in the next months. We are looking for investors and mentorship that will helps us to scale our actual production and be worldwide. I kwnon that with your help and guidance we can achieve that.



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