Tinta Digital Ec is a social entrepreneurship founded by three Ecuadorian women (María Rosa, Paola, María José). We seek to reduce the information gap, democratize knowledge and promote digital and soft skills of young people to improve their entrepreneurship and employability opportunities in the new century.

We currently have two divisions in our business model:

1. The first one is TINTA MEDIA that seeks to provide services and digital products that transform information in action. We have developed our own method centered in: content, creativity and advocacy to explain social facts to youth.

2. And the second division is TINTA LAB. Here we foster leadership of young people through short intensive training and social value-projects. We partner with public, private and social organizations that work with youth.

Our core values are: empathy, social awareness, engagement, tolerance and leadership.
Our beliefs are: creativity, human rights, diversity, transparency and digital transformation.

In one year we have built a community of 12k followers in social media (Instagram and Tik Tok: @tintadigitalec). Our audience concerns young people from 18-24 years old (60%) and 25 to 34 years old (40%).

We have influenced traditional media in Ecuador, opinion leaders and NGOs.

In our first year, we won two fellowships to incubate our project. One of the International Journalism Center (IJC – USA) and one of i3Lab (ESPOL – Ecuador).

We are currently building our web site to offer all our services on-line and scale up our project.

Our dreams are to build a EdTech start-up of Ecuador addressed to Latin-American young people.



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