Red de Mujeres Rurales de Cuenca

Red de Mujeres Rurales de Cuenca, is an organization characterized by unity and teamwork, it has several ventures in different areas such as: textiles (clothing), weaving, amigurumis, horchatas, making shampoo, soap, among others. This venture arises from the need for women to generate their own income due to the high incidence of abuse in rural areas, this is due to the old macho beliefs regarding the work that women can do, for this reason, the organization has been trained to look for ways to publicize their abilities and exploit them. They started with little capital contributed by each of them, in addition to obtain more funds, different raffles have been held between themselves and friends, with the purpose of seeking to get their entrepreneurship afloat. Currently the enterprise has two points of view for its vision:

1) Confront the mistreatment of women in rural areas by seeking skills in them and that they become independent;

2) Get your own place to display each of the products and thus be able to sell them.



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