Soy Azuay

Soy Azuay (I am Azuay) is a project of the RAFALEX Association whose activities initiated within the city of Cuenca in 2016. This project carries out training activities to entrepreneurs who already have a trajectory but still need a guide to continue their work, themselves to which they They are asked for economic retribution or a payment. With these income that is generated, I am Azuay teaches full training courses to entrepreneurs who are starting and that are very recent composition, as well as people who want to develop or undertake for the first time. For this second group of trained there is no cost, something that is important and for which it is considered a social entrepreneurship.

In addition to the aforementioned, it is important to emphasize that this project is much more destined for those sectors that are distant from cities. In this case I am Azuay develops its training in rural parishes of the city of Cuenca, or in those cantons that appear within the province of Azuay.

The training that is taught covers topics of great importance within the national context in terms of control and regulation regulations. Thus, within its courses, content related to the creation of RUC will be found, and other formal and legal aspects. The above is developed with the intention that these new entrepreneurs are not visible in problems on aspects related to the constitution of their work.



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