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AFRON Oncology for Africa is an Italian organization founded in 2010 by a team of Medical Doctors from the National Cancer Institute of Rome “Regina Elena”.

The aim of the organization is to implement cancer awareness, prevention and treatment programs in the African population, in order to, not only improve their health conditions and guarantee them the right to health, but also to eliminate the stigma associated with cancer. AFRON mainly works in Uganda and focuses on female and childhood cancer raising awareness about the importance of cancer prevention and early detection, promotes priority tools to defeat cancer and enhances access to cancer treatments not yet provided by national health systems in Africa.

Activities carried out are those of: offering free screening to prevent cervical and breast cancer, providing diagnostic services for treating precancerous lesions, giving assistance and psycho-social support to patients during oncological treatment, following up patients, helping them to return to a good quality of life, through health and social assistance and providing oncological training programs to local medical and nursing staff.

AFRON works in close partnership with African communities and local hospitals, with a view to long-term sustainability of the initiated actions.


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