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Alveare was born thanks to a joint effort of different generations in June 2001. The cooperative was established in the cultural sphere of the Catholic cooperation and the oratorian civil commitment. It is a type B social cooperative which promotes the integration of the weaker groups such as physically or mentally disabled, former drug addicts, former prisoners, etc. through work placement and in a protected environment. In fact, the ordinary disadvantaged ratio is more than 5 times the minimum threshold established by law 381/91 and all the workers are member of the cooperative. Alveare also pays much attention to working women. Over the years the cooperative has developed new opportunities, intensified activities and increased the number of people employed. 

The cooperative offers different kinds of services concerning: IT services, assembly and packaging, digital marketing for non-profit organizations, job placements, including high profile positions, as per Article 14 which facilitates the company’s compliance with Law 68/99 regarding the recruitment of disadvantaged personnel. 


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