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Apurimac ETS

Apurimac ETS is a non-profit association born in 1992 to support the Italian Augustinian mission that has been operating since 1968 in the Peruvian region of Apurimac. The Association operates in Peru and Italy. It deals with international and national cooperation and solidarity with the aim of bringing positive social change to the area, with particular attention to the most vulnerable.

Apurimac ETS acts within the framework of the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals indicated in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development signed by the governments of the 193 member states of the United Nations. In order to combat all forms of inequality, social exclusion and all forms of poverty, it takes action to ensure full compliance with the SDG goals:
• Objective 3. To ensure health and well-being for all and for all ages;
• Objective 4. Provide quality, equitable and inclusive education and learning opportunities for all.

The Association carries out international cooperation projects in developing countries while in Italy it plans information and education activities on the issues of international solidarity.


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