Somos una marca de moda sostenible que busca darle una segunda oportunidad a textiles en desuso a través del upcycling, creando piezas únicas para mujeres. Nos comprometemos con el medio ambiente aprovechando los textiles que ya existen, promoviendo una economía circular.

We are a sustainable fashion brand that seeks to give a second chance to unused textiles through upcycling, creating unique pieces for women.
We are committed to the environment by taking advantage of existing textiles, promoting a circular economy.


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Aurora Società Cooperativa Sociale was born in Bologna in May 2000 and serves both private and public institutions and companies. The cooperative operates in the design and management of health, social assistance and auxiliary services in residential structures, and homecare for the elderly, disabled and sick people.

Aurora is specialized in assisting the elderly as an interlocutor for the solution of problems relating to: personnel recruitment, training and management (logistic-bureaucratic-administrative-fiscal and salary). In order to satisfy different needs, the cooperative collaborates with different figures such as cooks, assistant cooks, maintenance workers, entertainers, cleaners, social health workers, nurses. 

The different types of services are provided in an individual and differentiated way in relation to the psychophysical situation of the guests and individual goals.


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