Inspiring cases


The cooperatives La Rete and Il Borgo were created In 1979 by a group of young students and socially committed volunteers. The aim is to put themselves at the service of people and to go against all forms of marginalization and social discrimination. In February 2007 the two cooperatives merged into the Borgorete social cooperative.

The last decade has seen Borgorete cooperative engaged on several fronts: internally in improving the organization and efficiency of a body made up of about 200 workers engaged in 9 areas of intervention, in about 30 services and various active projects and collaborations at local, national and European level. At a local and citizen level, in addition to the already consolidated fronts, the cooperative is also engaged in social emergency activities and in the promotion of  innovative forms of collaboration for community development through experiences such as SitiComuni (community free-press); Officine Fratti (creative space); Cult (Community hub); Social Theater (social dramaturgy) and Portierato di Quartiere.



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