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Campagna Sabina

Campagna Sabina is a cooperative built mostly on a female community. The aim is to help create the future-capacity, building it on food-tourism-culture and the civil and social economy model of the Rieti’s province. “Le Tre Porte”, a food and wine, tourist, cultural and multifunctional space in the historic center of Rieti was born with a first major project related to agriculture that aggregated and involved the many small local producers. The headquarter is a former waxworks of 600 square meters on two floors. Today, in the converted and redeveloped old building there is a bar, a grocery store for daily shopping and our tavern which is included in the Slow Food Guide to Italian Inns. Cultural, gastronomic and educational initiatives are organized by Le Tre Porte to promote the area. Furthermore, the social cooperative has lately become the Sabina and Valli Reatine Agricultural Supply Chain and has started a home delivery service in Rome, Rieti and related areas.


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