Inspiring Cases

The idea of the social cooperative comes from the desire to be more active in the community of the territory and promote the territory’s beauties and gastronomy. The intention of the founders is to finance social development projects for the local community by creating gastronomic, cultural, musical or sporting events and providing occasional catering services for individuals and companies. Activities: • Lumaca di Casumaro: An activity that has been going on for over 20 years. • Services for the disabled; • La Poli: The “Sala Polivalente” of Casumaro Multipurpose Room is a structure of about 1400 square meters, ideal for holding conventions, business dinners or special events. • Saggro: “Saggro” will be set up at the Poli, a shop dedicated to the on-site and online sale of products from the Caracol cooperative, associations and small local producers. • Consulting: Sharing experience is a way to help those who work in the same sector. The cooperatives is specialized for local festivals and associations consultancy. • Training and work: the cooperative organizes basic training courses on current topics and motivating training internships. • Vegetable garden and livestock: A project that allows Caracol Cooperative to be almost completely self-sufficient in its gastronomic events. • Laboratories: An opportunity to experience a personal way of being active, creative, protagonists, to develop personal forms of communication and expression.




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