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Cooperativa La Sorgente

“Cooperativa La Sorgente” is a non-profit social and educational cooperative born in 1996 in the area of Pesaro Urbino. It is mainly made up of women whose aim is to increase the overall well-being of the local community, improving the quality of life of minors, young people, the elderly, families and people with disabilities or in situations of social hardship.

The objective of the Cooperative is to develop social networks by spreading the culture of listening, comparison, involvement, diversity and a sense of community to improve the level of social integration of citizens. The cooperative operates to provide job opportunities and creates services of high social value.

The staff of the “La Sorgente Cooperative” is extremely qualified and continuously trains for professional growth. Its members are divided into working members and voluntary members. The cooperative also designs and organizes socio-educational and assistance services in collaboration with public bodies and private partners.


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