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Il Germoglio

ll Germoglio was founded in Ferrara in 1991 to design and manage educational services for children and adolescents. Today, the cooperative has expanded its sectors of intervention, trying to offer answers to the needs that came to light in the socio-educational work that involved mainly  people in a position of social disadvantage.

The mission is to meet the needs of its territory by:

•  Being a concrete point of support for minors, young people and adults in difficulty, through social paths, training orientation and job placement;

• Qualifying people in need and enhancing existing skills and abilities by offering educational and work proposals through the network workforce and collaborations;

• Guaranteeing high quality of the services offered thanks to experienced and professional staff;

• Being flexible and excelling in  helping to  build a community that has the promotion of all people at heart through the ability to open up to dialogue, change and innovation.

Il Germoglio Cooperative actively adheres to that global commitment represented by the United Nations 2030 Agenda.



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