Il Girasole

The “Il Girasole” Social Cooperative was born in Reggio Emilia in 197 as a type B social cooperative and aims to actively involve disabled and disadvantaged people, to grow together in the dimension of hospitality, solidarity and professional training. From the very beginning, the cooperative has promoted various work activities i.e knitwear, painting on canvas, linen packaging, assembly of plastic and electrical components, opening and management of the Maki Pub in Reggio Emilia (up to February 2017), opening and management of Pasticceria Mente Dolce in Reggio Emilia (until December 2014). 

To make itself known and to raise awareness among citizens on the problems of disability, the Cooperative offers internships for students of Reggio Emilia schools in its headquarters. “Il Girasole” has progressively specialized itself in: corporate catering, banqueting and catering service, the management of the Refreshment Point in the Lungo Crostolo Park, the Solidarity Honey laboratory. In addition to these services, there is also a cleaning service.  

Today, the Cooperative has 48 members, of which 21 are disabled. 


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