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La Sorgente ETS


La Sorgente Cooperativa Sociale was established in 2007 by a group of people with the intent to help the weakest, especially minors and adolescents, overcome social and economic hardship. It has a strong network system that connects it to institutions, local bodies, local social services and associations which have the same mission.

It offers qualified services in the field of prevention and educational intervention, in order to:

• help minors to grow intellectually and socially enhancing their ability to make choices;
• Encourage prevention in the social field through the work of the Cooperative’s training and educational planning group;
• Promote and increase forms of socializing which help human development and improve the quality of life;
• Organize training, conferences, conventions and any other public activity useful to prevent social problems;
• Psychological, educational, vocational and social counseling services;
• Implement initiatives to help the disadvantaged, that is, minors in situations of family difficulty, prisoners and former prisoners, former drug addicts and the handicapped, to find a job, improve their economic conditions, have access to education and integrate into of society.


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