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Nati2vote is a social cooperative (type B) based in Torre del Greco and born in July 2005. The aim is to combine the labor, social and cultural integration of disadvantaged people by directly involving them in the activities offered by the Cooperative.

It operates mainly in the sectors of: telematic and IT activities, audiovisual media, cultural and information dissemination.
In addition, when the cooperative was founded, a socio-cultural association called Oltre was created. The Oltre Association operates by holding meetings and activities of various kinds (conferences, film clubs and music halls). Today, thanks to the experience gained, the cooperative’s training service has been extended to young people who are about to enter the world of professions and entrepreneurship.

The CE.V.R.U. – Center for the enhancement of human resources has been established to provide students not only with the necessary mastery of scientific-economic subjects, but also with the knowledge of the “usefulness” of the jobs. The program provides low fees and ease of access.


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