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PeopleTakeCare is a Social Promotion Association whose purpose is to undertake initiatives that contribute to pursuing the common good, to raise the levels of active citizenship, cohesion and social protection, promoting participation and inclusion, helping individuals reach their full potential and find employment.

The projects of the Association provide for the hospitality, inclusion and socio-economic integration of the disadvantaged and / or disabled people, in full compliance with current legislation and in line with the policies and programs of European, national and local institutions.
Examples of the services provided are:
• design and development of the residential and / or semi-residential structure;
• administrative management (registration of guests, administrative communications to institutional bodies, etc.);
• general assistance to the person (general orientation, continuous supervision of the structure, etc.);
• environmental cleaning and hygiene (periodic cleaning of the premises and furnishings, disinfection, etc.);
• meal delivery;
• supply of basic necessities (products for personal hygiene and clothing, consumables, provision of “pocket money”, etc.);
• integration services (linguistic and cultural mediation service, guidance and legal support, psycho-socio-health protection, etc.);
• administrative support (administrative secretariat, support in relations with institutional bodies, etc.);
• definition and provision of information services: (eg legal assistance, job orientation, conferences, management of newsletters, magazines, management of “ad hoc” information campaigns, etc.);
• design and organization of professional training courses, to support individual and professional growth by promoting the acquisition of excellent skills through study and work experience;
• design, development and implementation of initiatives relating to the use of disadvantaged and / or disabled people on a voluntary basis in activities of social utility, aimed at enhancing the “common good”, promoting the integration and inclusion of individuals and the redemption of personal dignity;
• support for job placement helping the disadvantaged and / or disabled to achieve employment and economic independence.


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