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Progetto Uomo

Progetto Uomo was born in year 2000 in Naples as a type A social cooperative made up of workers and volunteers with different specialized skills. The goal is to improve peoples’ lives by creating ways to strengthen and help the weakest to integrate into society. The Cooperative works on public and private clients in various intervention sectors, promoting networking as a place for sharing resources and good practices. The cooperative carries out training / orientation and consultancy activities for public and third sector operators, activities for schools and for private individuals.

In 2004  “Ludobus Artingioco” was opened, one of the few ludobus in Southern Italy which brings not only entertainment but also culture and languages. Ten years later, in 2014,  Progetto Uomo opened  the playful Culture Center “Melagioco”. It is a space where it is possible for children and families to meet and get to know each other through games.  The Center for families is the latest project of the Cooperative and is accredited by the Campania Region. It offers consulting and listening services, information and training courses and laboratory activities for families.



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