Inspiring cases


SocialFare was born in 2013 in Turin as a Social Innovation center that designs and supports innovative ideas and solutions to respond to contemporary social needs in terms of language, skills, networks and solutions in order to address social challenges. The social innovators of SocialFare that work with communities are: designers, analysts, business experts, product, service and model experts. 

Amongst the various projects of the center some stand out, such as the following: 

GrandUP! IMPACT which began in 2018 together with the CRC Foundation. The aim is to stimulate and accompany the development of the ecosystem of Social Innovation in the Province of Cuneo with activities on several fronts simultaneously (Companies, Schools, Communities); 

FutureUp! is a project launched in 2021 with the Cariverona Foundation. It consists in the creation of 6 Social Innovation Academies and the goal is to stimulate a collaborative and innovative social planning in the territories of Verona, Vicenza, Belluno, Mantua and Ancona. 


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