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Socrate Onlus – Cooperativa Sociale

The Socrate Onlus – Social Cooperative (type A and B) manages socio-health and educational services. It carries out agricultural, industrial, commercial and service provider activities. The cooperative aims to help the disadvantaged find jobs and pursues the general interest of the community by promoting individual growth and development and the individual’s social integration.

The cooperative provides the following sevices and activities:
• Home assistance and other services to minors, handicapped persons, elderly people and other disadvantaged categories in need;
• Organization and management of activities, services, day centers, socio-educational centers;
• Management of reception facilities for disadvantaged people (self-sufficient and non-self-sufficient elderly, drug addicts, minors at risk, subjects in psychiatric treatment, immigrants, alcoholics, etc);
• Cleaning, maintenance and protection of green areas;
• Management of canteens, sports and recreation facilities;
• Transport of people by school bus.


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