Albeiro Vargas and Guardian Angels

The foundation is born from the heart of a 6-year-old child who is full of love and affection. Because of his lifestyle, he was not playing with toys, but he shared his innocent youth’s energy with his grandfather Josefito, who was suffering from cancer. The child, Albeiro, moved and was full of love, taking care of his grandfather by giving him all the affection so that his days could be positives and joyful. The emptiness of his grandfather’s death motivates him to follow working with the old people of his neighborhood, who have lost their illusion to smile and their desire to live.
Enlightened by simplicity and charisma, he starts his work by sharing some food with ten old people who meet to talk and play in the streets to forget the loneliness that suffers from old people who because of the decrease of his strength and the abandonment by his family.
37 years later and thanks to the unconditional help of companies, friends, and other people, Albeiro Vargas has given to 300 old people in vulnerability condition a home of complete care with the quality and warmth of his services, this institution is called Albeiro Vargas & Guardian Angels Foundation and is in Bucaramanga.
The Foundation has an intergenerational model that works the link between children-old people, where it offers the training project in values in which take part 50 children that have a big sensibility toward elderly people. These children are called Guardian Angels.
Since 2018, the foundation built a new infrastructure with gerontological technical specifications focused of offers a better quality of life to old people, currently is managing resources to extend coverage in 30 quotas in consideration of over 60 years old population growth.





2 responses to “Albeiro Vargas and Guardian Angels”

  1. Jorge Padilla says:

    Hola, quisiera saber como se puede donar desde estados unidos?

  2. Margaret says:

    Thank you albeiro you truly are sent from God and one of his chosen bless you and your people

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